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Shoot If You Are Not Afraid Lyrics

Ksysenka Shoot If You Are Not Afraid

Shoot if you are so brave
I am not afraid of being dead
Try to threaten me again
Otherwise you should be scared

I am ready to crash the attack
My mind-set is not absolutely mad
I act as a jackass
You`d better escape

Am I playing too much?
You are satisfied
No, just did not get enough
Now I am a guide

Suffer long tonight
Envy because I’m alive
I will not die
Find me in ward number nine

I can`t it justify
So many bullets on my side
But I don`t cry
Pushing you aside

Many times I ask myself why
But now understand help won`t come
And bloody line covered the sky
We just dying for somebody`s lie

Who will have mercy on us?
We`re trying hard
I see heartless setup
After violence I must fight

Devil you won`t see my brine
I keep pride shining
Ready to sacrifice all rights
I will not stop striving

And you thought I would give up
You wanna surrender me smiling


Don`t expect to kill me now
Let`s fire non-stopping
What is my admirable lust?
You see me hunting

Want it closer, please come up
You are ready to destroy my life
Happy to accept new shot
I don`t listen to advice

Straight kick to my heart
Will I see the ray of light?
But I like the way you smite
Burn tonight my pretty guy

I would never do it twice
Let me take grenade-gun
Caz I’m working on new strike
I`m not glad to be disarmed

I just heard another snipe
Where`s your fantastic might?
Now great strategy thrives
Losing your back sight

Flee like a stupid psycho
Throw patrons with dynamite
No, it`s not block baster
Hunger for new fight

Your stamina got the power?
I have many rifles
Need somebody under cover?
Send more stalkers

Now it`s fatal hour
My gift is brass knuckles
Fear killed the glower


Take my credit
You won`t get me
My duel is incredible
Stronger any agony

Don`t accept the claim
Absolutely loyal to the game
I wanna have another chance
To proof my strength

And I don`t care
That you `re already breathless
Caz I keep creating strategy
You losing all defense

I`m happy as a rabbit
To overcome the hedge
It was unreal barricade


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