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The Life Lyrics

Album Name : My Platinum Hard Life
Release Date : 2008-12-11
Song Duration : 3:57

Ksysenka The Life


Life is so difficult
It’s a virus of our problems
We don’t know how depict it
Life is the big game
You know how delete a segment
Life span is an exception
Rejoice your fortune and disappointment

Every person reaches various levels
Often we lose
Gasping with sufferings
But sometimes you can choose

Frequently I was sad
It’s time to show
How much I wept

Moving from place
People play chess
It does matter
That next step
Can become a success

This is a shape of the future
Somebody dies
Without confession
But my bosom survives

The outrage suits you like oxygen
Priests say that
Da most terrible thing is hell
This as the last dance

I don’t trow
And ready to squabble
You are full of fads
See the real anger

Thousands go west nowadays
We give a damn
People may kill but will never revitalize
Oh, it doesn’t concern us

Everyone would like to emerge unscathed
Our dream is to cash in
Forgetting other difficulties
Thou annihilate the moral

We all like the thrift
When people flatter our honor
Rarely believe in myth
And abhor being deceived


Men can’t stand faithlessness
Thrashing women’s jacket
Carry on jilting your mistress
It’s better stay bachelor than tensed

Usually we don’t desire to find approach
But need to have a weal
Scratch me where thou itch
And I let the issue reveal

You stick like a leech
At no time affect to unsay
But worship to be extensive
Seeing how others decay

Paltry sovereign is the lord of our world
Rover has solely debility
Thou decide this is my carefree humor
Actually, tableau keeps inconstancy

Dweebs spread a rumor
Modern life offers you decoy
Liars win somebody’s favor
Avenger savors his victory

Hourly no one detects your labor
And soul becomes the enemy
Difficult to discover own harbor
When awareness passes away

It’s unlikely if a stranger understands the dolor
And what is more
That makes you bray


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