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Get It All Lyrics

Ksysenka Get It All

High buildings
Low reputation
Strong victims
Weak population
No forgiveness
Only depression

If you want
Start a war
If you go
Get it all

Be a champion
Burst this world
Please, don`t slow
Let first drop fall

Show your flow
Run so far
Find the gold
Light a star
Feel the blow

I`m not a paper chaser
Or billionaire from Texas
But I see same picture daily
Sad Benjamin Franklin face

He tells me
K, nothing you can get for free today
You are greedy for sixpence
Believe my dear I don`t have to pay

Like naïve you watch but can`t handle
What may you give instead?
Y`all angry
Sorry I got no product to sell

Anyway I get cash from ya wallet
It`s easy like ABC
I`m stealing ya profit
And don`t need to rob it

Without strength I use my brain
Here muscles won`t help
Catch me if you can
I know most of passwords

Try to arrest me for this craft
Now who`s self-employed
Ready to break a neck
Running across the corner

And I get richer exploding local bank
You only dream of being impostor
But I`m already a hidden shark in this game
Bad girl in love with her blaster

I`ll leave dynamite on ya way
And your manner comes to the end
Now I’m a winner of this fairytale
Let me accept my platinum medal

Don`t present me cat in hat
I can make any theft legal
Doing my own entertainment
You can call me bad

But I keep getting my respect
And already found inside track
We gonna cross your path
Just to reach our success

And I don`t understand
What`s here the mess?
When i`m sure of advance
We don`t have friends

Without fail
Most of them just haters
Who`re waiting
For new presents

Don`t afraid
We got new weapons
Come closer stupid rats


Let it go
What we waiting for?
Something wrong?
Why you stop the war?

Pressure is so strong
Look like broken law
You hold forth too long

Just go off
That `s all
Put the gun low
You don`t want

Falling down on the floor
It`s your fault
Paralyzed by wall
You can`t move or walk

Rebel in the morning
Now forgotten hero
And nobody see your burning
Caz u pay `em zero

Looking in the mirror
Turned into a chicken-liver
And reflection tells u `Killer!`
Be convicted prisoner

Stay living in sneezer
Proof that you`re innocent
Make your sentence clear
When your judge is critical

You can speak with fever
Think this action mystical
Smitten with new fear
Pull the trigger visual

Time will never wait
Now you`re in grave
Still have terrible headache
That can make you slave

Tell I`m ok
And invade right stand
Go to find yourself
Don`t seek argument

It`s your way
Leave improper place

Hook x4 times

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