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Set Down Gal Lyrics

Album Name : Kokomo Arnold Vol. 4 (1933 - 1934)
Release Date : 2005-04-05
Song Duration : 2:43

Kokomo Arnold Set Down Gal

Said I ain't no preacher : I'm just a bachelor man
Some of these days mama : you bound to understand

Now set down gal : stop your crazy ways
Got trouble in the land : you're going to need my help
some day

Now when I want it : I want it awful bad
If I don't get it : you know it's going to make me mad

Said I asked my mama : to not to be so rough
She ain't the type : to keep on strutting her stuff

Says I asked my baby : not to be so mean
She acts like a woman : from down in New Orleans

Now come on baby : stop this up and down
Don't like to catch you : start to messing around

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