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Old Black Cat Blues Lyrics

Album Name : Kokomo Arnold, Vol. 1 (1930-1935)
Release Date : 2005-04-05
Song Duration : 3:25

Kokomo Arnold Old Black Cat Blues

I believe : that I got those black cat blues
Lord if I win on Friday : please Saturday night I'm sure
to lose

Yes the black cat blues mama : ain't nothing but a
doggone heart disease
Said I was broke and disgusted : I didn't have no money
for Christmas Eve

Yes this black cat blues mama : don't mean no one nar' no
Said all my friends done forgot me : everybody's down on
me in my neighborhood

Lord some folks said blues and trouble nothing : but evil
running across your mind
When you get to setting down thinking : about the black
gal treated you so nice and kind

Oh if the black cat blues was money : I would be rich as
Henry Ford
Lord if the black cat blues don't leave me mama : Lord
I've got to get further down the road

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