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Black Annie Lyrics

Album Name : Kokomo Arnold, Vol. 1 (1930-1935)
Release Date : 2005-04-05
Song Duration : 3:01

Kokomo Arnold Black Annie

Well I stood on the corner mama and I looked two blocks
and a half
Lord I never seed Black Annie but I sure God heard her

Then I went down the alley with my gatling gun in my hand
Just to kill my woman for loving another man

Now it's trouble trouble I been had it all my days
Well it seems like trouble going to follow me to my grave

Now my love is just like water you can turn it off and on
Now when you think I'm loving you mama well I done turned
you off and gone

Now I'm going to set my picture Lord up on your shelf
Lord if you don't live with me mama well you ain't going
to live with nobody else

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