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My Well Is Dry Lyrics

Album Name : Kokomo Arnold Vol. 4 (1933 - 1934)
Release Date : 2005-04-05
Song Duration : 2:41

Kokomo Arnold My Well Is Dry

Says I never missed my water : not until my well went dry
Says I never missed sweet Annie : not until she said

Hey Lord sweet mama : tell me when you're coming back
Says I ain't had none of your loving : Lord since God
knows when

Now the mailman he passed : but he did not leave no news
Says he left me standing here : with the doggone
aching‑heart blues

Well I ain't going to be no fool man : I'm going to hold
up my head and walk
Says my woman get a chance to see me : but they all hear
me when I talk

Says I holler in the morning : I begin to moan late at
Says I got a hard‑hearted woman : and she don't know how
to treat me right

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