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Love Triangle Lyrics

Knowdaverbs Love Triangle

Is it better to love and loose or not love at all?
Or cling on to past love where real love was never spawned?
It’s an exhaustive process when playing these dating games
Exchanging numbers and names heartburn from ol’ flames.
Holding surveys to see which one looked better
Goin’ darn near broke purchasin’ anklets, flowers and sweaters.
And I mind all that, but if the dating don’t last
You get that final call askin if you want your stuff back.
It ain't all her fault, 89% was mine
Now I’m listing out things I should have seen as warning signs.
Charm can be deceitful and beauty can pass,
It’s like a contest to see whose fabricated first impression last.
And it’s funny how quickly one can loose the hots,
For a girl the transforms more rapid than autobots.
They couldn’t all be the one I’m letting god define that
But next time could you at least put a song on her back to let me know.
It’s not another sad love song, it’s from being so
But with each one the goes bad, I see spots I need to grow.
I’m stingy with my time and in some ways that selfish
When I’m hard headed and keep to myself like shellfish.
But I’m working on them flaws fixin screws that look loose
Not trying to guess who she is playin duck duck goose.
She’s the one, she’s the one. No she ain’t
So I wait to find the one that’s really worthy of the chase.
Fellas, were quick to spend time with a girl we might like.
But if you know that she ain’t for us then she’s somebody else’s wife.
Ladies, guard your hearts no matter what we say
Keep it locked in a box ‘til God say give it way, ok?

The man the finds a wife done found a fine treasure
Where divorce is not option ‘cause the loves beyond measure.
He’s tuning us, now, right for when we unite
And loan you my last name for the rest life.
We can jump the broom, and get connected at the bone hip
Take you on the road or fall asleep on the phone with.
It’s been a ride tryin to figure what commitment meant
But it means we stick together through the thin and the thick.
Instead of runnin’ and buttin heads let’s talk it out and make it stronger
When it’s sculpted by the father it remains forever.
I wanna lead you the right way at the same serve?
Get married and date each other. Word to Mikie the III.

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