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Live To The Music! Lyrics

Knowdaverbs Live To The Music!

Welcome to the realm where the glory don’t stop,
Where your feet stay locked when atop of battle block.
Cornerstone buildin’ from the floor to the ceiling
Set it in flames watch what the fire revealin’.
Pass the hills for direction follow the vocal inflection,
Ricocheting inside your brain section.
Joy for the frowning to keep’em from downing, drowning
Feeling protection of angelic surrounding.
The feeling getting marked by god is so astounding.
Loving how the rhythm of life begins sounding.
Walk in triumph full of faith, you know.
Champions sing the hook when you hear the notes.

From the bottom to the top of the globe,
You better turn the radio up (live to the music!)
A fresh crib or a humble abode,
You better turn the radio up (live to the music!)
Down low with a hole in your soul?
You better turn the radio up (live to the music!)
This song will bring calm in the middle of storms,
You better turn the radio up (live to the music!)

Whether you comin’ or goin you better boost this.
Sound repetitive? Just (live to the music!)
Choose a track and skip thru confusion
Dance to a sound where you can’t stay loosin.
A clear sound no musical illusion,
Follow the maestro when his hands keep movin.
Go! To the next plateau, level, like Hendrix
Jimi open your and set it off the hinges.
So sick when you see sin your skin cringes.
You wanna radio edit or remix extended?
Words in stereo with the proper grounding
Feel the bass in the space when your heart keep pounding.


Do you know your producer? Nah?
Get a tweekin, then find yourself thru dimensions that he see in.
He rose and overcame just so one could overcome.
Blood written compositon when it finally done.
You could live to the right mix, no obscene blends.
Get refreshed in the presence even when the scene ends.
Know why you exist and your script flips drastic
And the plot thickens more than local game day traffic.
Purpose for your design lies in designer.
I know you think your fine but He’ll make you finer.
You tired of the dark? Then strike the lighter.
Many blind leading blind making blind blinder.

featuring shonlock

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