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Still I Rise Lyrics

Album Name : Still I Rise By King Trill (feat. Tmelodee) - Single
Release Date : 2014-08-04
Song Duration : 3:29

King Trill Still I Rise

[Verse 1: King Trill]
It's time to set it off
You looking at a king
To paranoid to close my eyes
I ain't never had a dream
But my lyrics lift the people
Like the great Dr. King
Never been a preacher
But I can tell you what I've seen
Life ain't never what it seems
Don't be fooled by your eyes
They say the good die young
I guess my spirit's on the rise
My lyrics paint pictures like visions in your mind
But this is not a dream go head and open up your eyes
I'm focused on the prize
Critics waiting on the outcome
Heroes need disguises
I'm more like Malcolm
But I'm here to save the game like Bruce Wayne in Gotham
When the lights flash you already know the outcome
People starving in this world I'm like how come
If I could lyrically I'd reverse the outcome
This for my single fathers raised without one
Keep faith in God and reverse the outcome

[Hook 1: TMelodee]

Lord I try
I try so hard to make it through each day
Everyday I pray
All my People around the world let me hear you say
Still I Rise (repeat 2x)

[V2: King Trill]

It's survival of the fittest
We say anything to get to the richest
Even turn our kids to n..ers and bitches
Still rapping about how we pulling triggers on snitches
Standing on the corner pitching
Every word explicit
The problem is half of these rappers lives is fiction
Suppose to be leaders but really as crooked as politicians
King Trill I ride for the opposition
The people of the struggle striving to make a difference
In the lives of the youth
You see the media has the power to fool us all and turn lives to truth
That's why we need to teach our kids and stop relying on schools
And don't believe everything that you see in the news
We all slaves in the system
I've never been a victum
Poverty is like a prison and we all got convictions
This for my people in the projects facing evictions
Segregated with restrictions
Please pay attention

[H3: TMelodee]

[V3: King Trill]

Race, politics, and religion
The great division
We rate each other based on how we living
From the projects to the suburbs it's all a prison
My lyrics are like prescriptions
I'm clearing up your vision
It's time to regroup the mission
Freedom is a choice you should never need permission
I'm trying to free your mind all you got to do is listen
School of the hard-knocks and you ain't got to pay tuition
I came up on them same blocks
Where them young thugs gang-bang and slang rocks
Got locked up by them same cops
Asked God why and when will the pain stop
I made a choice to live better
Get up off them streets don't need nobody else to tell you
As long as you believe you can never be a failure
Dreams are like drugs don't consume what they sell you

[H4: TMelodee]

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