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Get This Money Lyrics

King Trill Get This Money

[Hook 1: King Trill]

We gone get this money
All I stack is hundreds I floss
I can show you how to live like a boss
And we gone get this money
Keep a bad bitch just to toss
You know the slab candy paint lip gloss
And we gone get this money
Even in the dark I shine
Weather rain, hail, or snow I grind
And we gone get this money
All I speak is truth in my lines
I'm the realist in the booth when I rhyme
We gone get this money

It's King Trill Mr. F..ck a Major Deal
Still keeping it trill while spitting knowledge to the real
Still chasing a mill I got to get it how I live
New whip chrome wheels just bought a house on the hills
Moved out the hood but still kick it with the OG's
Still f..ck with the hood-rats penetrate them like door keys
I'm well known so i got to stay low-key
Keep the steel for them jack boys still dodging the police
A little advice for you if you don't really know me
I eat rappers alive Trust me you don't want no beef
Go ahead and diss me I swear it won't be no peace
One verse will end your career leave you beside your dead homies
Yeah I'm elevated now
So tell the suckers they ain't got to wait to see if I make it they can
Hate me now
My money good got bad bitches trying to break me now
Feds plotting on me everybody trying to take me out

[Hook 2: King Trill]

[Verse 2: King Trill]

I came up from the bottom only one way to go
Made it up to the top only way that I know
Remember when all I wanted was jewelry and nice clothes
To hit the road and f..ck a couple of hoes after my shows
Now I'm trying to stack enough to buy a condo
Vacation home in Brazil or move to Puerto Rico
These suckers out here hating trying to hit me with that Rico
Danny Glover on the mic yeah my flow is that lethal
Still do this for people representing from the projects to the prison walls
Cause I got homies that risked their lives just to see me ball
No pain no glory
Been through hell my whole life couldn't pay me to change the story
The moral of the story success comes with hard work
And I'm gone give it my all until I'm in the dirt
This shit bout passing down wealth
If you ain't out here trying to get it might as well kill yourself

[Hook 3: King Trill]

[Verse 3: King Trill]

I'm allergic to the struggle grew up watching my mom suffer
Made it my obligation to turn my life into a hustle
If you ain't out here getting money I don't trust you
Keep protection at all times because the system is trying to f..ck you
Started off in the drug game now we building food chains
The rap games a step to get to the top of food chains
And don't believe that shit that they teaching you in school mane
All money is dirty you better off picking up loose change
Catch me stunting through your hood like Bruce Wayne
No sidekick just a bad chick like Lois Lane
I would't advise you to come at me if your flow is lame
The hottest and I know it mane you do this just for the fame
It's deeper than rap that's the reason why I grind like I'm deep in them
Got a military mind that's why I keep me a strap
Cause anybody can fall off I ain't trying to relapse
You see this game is trap

[Hook 4: King Trill] 2x

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