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Ghetto Lyrics

King Trill Ghetto

They got us living in the same hood
On the same block
This ghetto life got us running from the same cops
Dealt the same cards hustle till the game stops
Get knocked and locked up on the same (cell) block
Where the rats will eat your food
Roaches will still your crumbs
That don't compare to what your friends will do
You think they cool with you - they really trying to
finish you
Can't be successful surrounded by people that envy you
Where the days seem hotter
And nights seem colder
And life seems harder
Ain't had shit to eat but white bread and water
Light bill pass due so now you got to grind harder in
And not to mention you a new father
Plus your baby momma stressing having postpartum
And the landlord say she got her own daughter
And that eviction notice just added more problems
And minimum wage don't pay enough
So now you working two jobs cause your bills keep
adding up
You turn to your family but they don't give a f..ck
Soon as you run out of luck that's when the devil rolls
up in the
That's when that metal goes up
And your faith goes down and reality blows up
Then Karma comes around
Now you feeling more stuck
So now you in the church praying trying to get your
hopes up in the
I'm trying to lift my Folks up
Show my Peoples how to move out the hood with no trucks
First step we got to take is get to know us
Cause in the ghetto we ain't shit but food for these

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