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Iao Treasury Lyrics

Impurity Iao Treasury

Its like nothing
SO everything and everyone are included
In the dark and still night
Above, the adorned blue
Comes the manifestation
Men and women like stars
Bending right and left
In a burning game of deep beauty
This is the magic universe
Of unimaginable joys
This is the infinite space
The splendor...

That's the prophet's sphere
Where there are no limits on the borders
But the whistle of the snakes
So go, oh prophet, and discover
The essence of the secret center
You are the existence of pure joy
You are the snake and magic

This is that, this
By the virtue of the serpent
And the pigeon
Now understand
That "all's with you"
Vengeance, swords and lances
Are the eternal jewels
Of the lord, Glory Sun

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