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Darkness Path Lyrics

Album Name : The Lamb's Fury
Release Date : 2014-09-04
Song Duration : 1:59

Impurity Darkness Path

Dark are the ways
But in the dark ways there is light
In the dark and endless deep there is light
For the blind men there is never light
The path's colour is ever black, for the blind men
There in the dark word there is light and fire

Everything is way, words, darkness and light
I enter in the darkness path
I see the light, I have the light, solid, dark and hard
As hard as the nails of the cross
As solid as the lances
That splintered the body of the fright
Everything is way, words, darkness and light

Winds for dark and flaming paths
Winds that will conduct vehement beams
Winds that blind men will neither see nor blow
Winds that the weak won't see
Winds that will spill only light and darkness

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