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Desecration Of The Host Lyrics

Impurity Desecration Of The Host

- First invocation
Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, belial
Save the obscurity forces
I beg of Satan, the infernal lord
I trust him the endless power
Satanic symbols are with me
I glorify the altar, the priestess

- Second invocation
Lucifer lord of wisdom and richness
Give me what's mine legitimately
In the whole universe

-Belial, infernal element
Give me the violence of the beasts
And the entire power of the mather

- Leviathan, fabulous at the sea
Reveal the abyss offsprings
Of the majestic ocean
Oh black host

I praise the host
Stick in between
Afterwards I spit on Jesus Christ's body
And blaspheme any artisan of lies
The priests and me
Are invoking
Into the circle
Desecration of the host
Black host

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