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The Price Of Everything Lyrics

Fall Behind The Price Of Everything

Is this what I need? Is this what I want?
Somewhere in my mind something that you've told.
My eyes go through the words that you have written.
My ears go through the songs you are singing.

It's thick and sick but it's in my mind.
To want to live like those of your kind.
What I want. What I need.
The same what do you think?


Words are soaking from the TV screen.
Mind is following images that we've once seen.
Walking down the street why don't you look above.
Is this a dollar sign which covers whole sky?

All your papers all your ads
All your words and all of you smart heads
Take your hands off me.

25.95 $.
All they want from us is to buy.
But "even I as sick as I am I would never be you".


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