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Frustranger Lyrics

Fall Behind Frustranger

Mass attack on your values, mass attack on their lack.
Your eyes are false, your words are false, your hearts like stones.

I'm gonna throw it all away THROW AWAY.
I'm gonna throw it away THROW AWAY PUSH AWAY.

For you will never throw it up.
You've got hands covered with blood.
Mouths full of false morality.
Choke on your words, die before my eyes.
I refuse, I reject, I LIVE.

Let the rain come. Let the rain fall.
Take the Babylon down. For it has no soul.

Frustration, anger, hate.
They pour down my face .
You made me feel this way.
And now you're gonna pay
‘cause We don't want to die. YOU AND I.

You're blind if you can't see
you're digging your own grave.
You're deaf for you don't hear us
and now nowhere is safe and you're dead.

Religion, society, regulations.
One global MTV nation
One culture. One identity.
Wasted youth breeds frustration.
We're seeking for salvation.

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