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The Last Call Lyrics

Fall Behind The Last Call

THE LAST CALL TO SEE lies we swallow.
We live a lie advertisements say we will never die
But we're already dead.
Throw up this shit we've been fed with.

I see living corpses I used to play with.
I see empty bottles, broken glass around me...

Day after day we're closer to decay
And now I understand why "idealism is f..cking dead".

WHEN I LOOK AROUND I see we're ready to join the troops of modern slavery.
We pay the price, my old friends are sinking in lies.
I watch them towards the end towards the annihilation.
I am a witness to death of my generation.

Can you hear it? Through the noise of machines.
Through the every-day life. Through the battle screams...

THE LAST CALL to see lies we swallow... Every single day.

The last call to save your dreams.

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