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Do Not Disturb Lyrics

Danny G Do Not Disturb

And every time I get a message, I be thinking it's you
But it's just somebody else and that shit's got me confused
And I'm always overthinking that you found someone new
Cause we ain't spoken in 3 weeks
So I don't know what to do

I mean I thought that you was feeling me
I opened up to you and tried to show the real in me, lately it's been killing me, if the love was fake, f..ck out my face or keep it real with me
I just wanna know how you feel

Cause lately I've been f..cking caught up in my feelings, phone ain't ringing too much
And it's my fault, cause I be clinging too much
But you should know that you're the reason why on weekdays I be thinking too much
And on the weekends I be drinking too much.. DAMN

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