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Tell Me Why (feat. Shiloh Dynasty) Lyrics

Danny G Tell Me Why (feat. Shiloh Dynasty)

Yeah(4x)..... Always want what I can't have
But know I deserve better
That's the shit that I can't stand
So listen as I read you this love letter

Because I want you girl, I hope you don't forget it
All about you girl, and I just don't regret it
I just want your loving, but I ain't gone sweat it
And mothafuck yo ex, YEAH I FUCKING SAID IT

But don't keep me waiting
Anxious, really about to lose my patience
And My heart keeps racing, cause it's you I'm chasing, but just like always, you won't say shit (?)
Man, f..ck temptation, cause love is ancient

Love is just not for me
Cause every time I find someone different, they always get up and leave, damn

(They always get up and leave, damn x3
(They always get up and leave, damn
They always get up and leave

Cause every time I find someone different they always get up and leave, damn

Look (4x)........
I wish that you felt what I felt for you
(Push up) You lied when you told me you wouldn't leave
I wish every time I was there for you
That you would've told me we couldn't be
Cause you made me feel it was you and me
I trusted you blindly, I couldn't see
See I should've known you would ruin me
So f..ck you forever, I'm doing me

Never gone give all my trust, or love to somebody that don't give a f..ck
Never gone say that I love you, put nothing above you, cause really it's never enough, yuh

Tell me why I keep on waiting, I'm always debating, if you even listen
But you keep on playing, and I keep on staying, I'm getting impatient, you keep getting distant

We're so alike at the same time so different, you was a star but you no longer glisten, you got me bent
Got me f..cked up and tripping, see you got me smokin' and you got me sippin', DAMN

Thinking I want you and need you, don't wanna deceive you, it's crazy, you'll never be mine, Guess that I'm better without you, so f..ck you forever and thank you for wasting my time......

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