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The Ill Mind Of Koopa Lyrics

Chamillionaire The Ill Mind Of Koopa

You know a rapper don't even introduce me
I know you think Iím a rapper the title donít really suit me
Iíd love to be called a rappers but rappers are really groupies
And groupies wanna be rappers
Call me a rapper loosely
Wouldnít wanna be in a similar category
Of anyone with a story
For Jerry Springer or Maury
Storyís a made up story
Your story donít add up for me
We in a world where publicity stunting is mandatory
Either youíre super Dave or a stupid slave
Or acting a stupid slave cuz ya trying to be super paid
Listened to all ya tunes what is this autotune
If this was the NBA then you all woulda got a broom
Woulda Swept ya right out the series
For copying other plays
It worked for the other team
So you trying to throw up a tre
I would empty the bench and replace all you clowns any day
Who told you you could be Jesus shuttles worth anyway
Think ya balling you Bynum look at ya Andrew
You tried to play all ya cards but look what ya hand drew
Is it the love or the money why you in the game fool
You can ball but you money wonít buy you an ankle
A loss ima hand you cuz the stupidness man do
But see thereís an amount of stupidness that I can handle
You should give an example
Everyones an example
Pure as a virgin until they get ran through
Ugh if ya hoping to see me miss
Hoping to see me fail
Hope that you get ya wish
Those sleeping on me
Should be sleeping on this
Help you to make ya bed
Help you to dig a ditch
Those who never ever donít anything on my list
They can say what they want
They donít even exist
Hope that you keep my name on the tip of your bottom lip
You can jump off a cliff
Hope ya parachute doesnít fit
And even some I respect
Would lose it all for a check
And then not even get the check
Reason to get upset
But ainít gettin emotional
I'm just not being sociable
Even though thatís what Nancy my publicist say Iím supposed to do
Excuse me if I donít wanna do the interview
They see through and Iím the one that got the inner view
But Koopa how can you talk because we ainít been hearing you
You know it always gets hotter after the winters through
They say you're a genius
I say you're a Beavis No pledging allegiance
Theyíll say youíre the meanest But they donít even mean it
You know that they really gon ride a wave when convinient
Iím glad that everybody learned how to surf
But Iím shark under that water thatís emerging to murk
Fresh like Iím allergic to dirt
So when I kill em all Iíll try not to get blood on my shirt
Every verse is a keeper
Ainít a price for a feature
I just do em to do em
My pockets donít really need ya
If dissing is your procedure
Promise you Iíll delete ya
Trying to stay in my lane but you mention me and itís either
Yeah Iíll set up corpse
You can go pick the artist
Iíll wet up the charts
Never said I was perfect Iím not better than yíall
But if we talking bout rapping that not better is false
If money talks what is your conversation
Cuz you show me you got a real lack of communication
Rappers, I appreciate inspiration
As long as they donít confuse inspiration for
The thought or the implication of that would be blasphemous
Snatch the words out the mouth of whoever vocab it is
If that rapping is rap Iím unrappinng they packages
Then I repackage it up just to show ya what rapping is
Competition We should start a petition
For every person thatís still in a major label position
Obvious that you idiots never paid for tuition
You switched up the definition you calling that a musician
ListenIím on a mission
So you just get in the car
Voices all in my ear say try not to get involved
Didnít give me the option but ima get rid of ya
The I'll mind of Koopa is telling me Killem-all

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