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I'm Reloaded Lyrics

Chamillionaire I'm Reloaded

We cannot think of being acceptable to others, untill we have first proven acceptable to ourselves

Real recognize real, I don't expect you to cheer
You a victim of the system, go sit back in your chair
If you love the underground baby, lend me your ear
Cause this the music that the majors don't want you to hear

We ain't got to be major
But we got to bring major pain
We ain't got to be major
But we got to bring major pain

Check it
No other family hope you believe this
Shoot first the only option you leavin me with
I hope that we never butt heads like Beavis
If I bare arms you're going under like a speed stick
Jesus, please show mercy upon the lame
Cause those that touch me, that mercy will turn to pain
Forgive your enemies but never forget their names
The ladies will come, but understand why they came
On the surveillance I see the Range Rover
She sippin' somethin' dark and I know it ain't Cola
She came over said she wanna hang over, watchin "Hangover" till she get a hangover
Funny thing is I ain't even know you back then
Now the car is like duh-nah-duh-nah Batman
Now they see me and now they wanna give me that man
You was ghost, but now you follow me like Pac-man
Older but I know that I'm getting colder
They say that cold is according to the beholder
Well, behold the scroll my status is my folder
I did it, I did it all
No Hova
No P-Diddy
No Co-sign
And every dollar in my bank account so mine
Back then I was gonna be great in no time
Now I'm busy like Swizzy. So it's yo time
I was in that thang starin' at that wood wheel
On the way to go and turn down my third deal
The truth hurts so my work is to kill
Cause them shots hurt when in your shirt, that's too real
The Hummingbirds in the air are too scared to sing
Cause they're aware of the drama that I could bring
Imma remind you of Jay-Z with every swing
Black out, All black everything

They say the best, he don't fall far from a tree
Well I don't know a soul that go harder than me
I fill your whole artery with artillery
I'm reloaded (I'm reloaded)
I'm reloaded (I'm reloaded)
They say the streets listen
So just watch what you speak
I gather my emotions then I talk to the beat
I'm tryna break 'em off without the thought of defeat
I'm reloaded (I'm reloaded)
I'm reloaded (I'm reloaded)

Imma be the greatest, I got my eye on greatness
How does it look? Well, visually it looks great, miss
So that means I see me bein' the greatest
If seein' is believin' let's take this like a rapist
Face it, you basic, I'm Matrix
You couldn't see me with Lasik, I'm ancient
If you ain't me then that means you ain't it
And ain't it is equivalent to can't spit
And they invest in you still
Ya'll would die for the fame
You would bet you real
Run into oncoming traffic then bet you would deal
Ya'll drivin' me nuts, no testical wheels
Never hate a young rapper for dancin'
But the label signed him and told me that he can't win
Man, this where ironic will happen
Dick-suckin, made money, then I bet you would cash in
Oh yeah, that's called prostition
That's what you wanna do? Homie I'm salutin
The moment in the mic ain't about recoupin'
And a breath of fresh air ain't about pollution
I could talk about the money that I'm gonna get
Yeah, I could do that but I isn't really feelin' it
Don't ask me if these rappers is really killin' it
I'm not a mind reader like a psychic that's illiterate

Imma remind you of Jay-Z with every swing
Black out, All black everything

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