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Let Me Hear Somethin Lyrics

Album Name : Face 2 Face - EP
Release Date : 2010-08-24
Song Duration : 7:53

Cassidy Let Me Hear Somethin

I dont think nobody betta then me in this whole world
I'm so thoroughl I'm the hottest in this cold world
O shit I;m so sick I gotta go earle
And I be on some hoe shit ask ma old girl
if dis waz ya world it wouldnt be no girls
cuz u only like men alrite den go girl
u trifflin pussy like and hermaphrodite
i straight like 6'oclock ya not so pass da mic
itz a reccession i copped ma watch 4 half da price
but da ice still see-through like a glass of sprite ima hustla i had da white
but i had 2 quit cuz 4 bricks dey a lock u up 4 half ya life
im da truth u aint half as nice
i mean da source magazine gon proly give u half a mic when I die dey gon proly bring me back 2 life
but if dey not successful ima catch u in da after life right we all gotta die some day

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