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Jumping In My Bag Lyrics

Album Name : Boss' Life 4
Release Date : 2009-06-12
Song Duration : 2:20

Cassidy Jumping In My Bag

You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover
You Gotta Read It Man
But As Far As Narcotics
I Got IT If You Need It Man
I Got That Piff If You Need A Gram
Its Light Green
But It Got Orange Hairs Like Peter Pan
Im Hot Headed But No
IAint Got A Fever Man Im Ambedextrious
I Can Squueze It With Either Hand
My Flow Tight
Like Me And My Main Squeeze
You Try To Chase Cake
But Yall Dont Run The Same Speed
I Pay Cheese For My Watch And My Chain Please
If You Kiss My Ring
You Will Prolly Get A Brain Freeze
(Ha HA)
Sometime I Smoke Until i Cant Breath
But Yall Stem Seeds
We Dont Smoke The Same Weed
Im What The Game Need
I Rap Realistically
Is Some One Out There Sick As Me
Its A Mystery
I Celebrate Christmas Because Of The Epiphany
But Santa Clause And Rudolph Dont Exist To Me
I See Some Things
That You Will NEVER Get To See
Thats Why iCant Let These Hating A** Niggas
Get To Me
iSmoke The Trees
And Stay Smoking To Stay Focus
iStay With Toasters
You Only Kill When YoU Spray Roaches
Where Yo Burner Hater
You An Exterminator
So Of Course Should Call You The Orkin Man
Acting Like A Killer Made You A Fortune Man
But The Only Beef You Had
You Can Stick A Fork In Man
Yo Muther Should Of Had An Obortion
Man Cause You Just Taking Up Space
Youy A F****** Fake
You The Type To Go To Jail
And Get F*** Raped
Im A F***** Ape
You A Rat
Stay In Yo F***** Place
Before iEmpty Out The F*** H
They Gone Need Dental Records
When The Heckler Hit Cha F*** Face
And iAint Tryna Catch A Nuva Case
But Ill Squezze If Its Drama Dawg
Word To My Mama Dawg
YO The Pump A Make You Jump
Like Some Kinda Frog
Cuase You A B**** You Know The Lil
Poodle Kinda Dog

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