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A Millie Freestyle Lyrics

Cassidy A Millie Freestyle

cha cha tha hustler full surface lawserny family

dem awards rappers ussauly bring home i aint get
cause i aint shit
and i aint sell enough ringtones
u cant be the king on the throne unless u mess wit males
i aint a homo so i dont expect to sell
but i expect to get respect f..ck record sells
if a niggah disrespect me he can catch a shell
but for first degree you get the death penalty
or life with out the possibility dat means death or jail
unless u tell or rat on somebody else
or put ur body on somebody else yea that will probally help
but if u snitch just body ur self
put the chrome to ur own dome and hollow urself
man my style so smooth that my trial made the news
i came home and spent a couple hundered thou on some jewls
ima pimp but i dont rock crocodile shoes
i pop tha 2 and make a nigga crocidile food oo
look at him wa
im steady grindin steady rhymin steady puffin
steady drinkin steady thinkin steady hustlin
chic^s niggahs tryin to get im already fuc^in
im steady pipin u steady wifin steady cuffin
dog u just barkin talkin very tuf and
catch a cace and start talkin like teddy rupspin
homie said he got a body but i bet he bluffin
he dont clap lead that cat jus a crack head
and that shit right there leave cats dead
i dont fucc wit that im jus hase and conyac head
i use 2 stack bread before the heads were that big
thats y u hear my music bumpin like blackheads
i dont think rap dead but cats just doin it wrong
i dont no wat be goin on wen dey doin a song
i dont no y he even put that verse on da song
he probally high and that shit he be doin is strong
he been moved out the hood he been gone 2 long
he dont no wats poppin off
dat nigga cotton soft
but im from philly we really lettin da choppas off
u keep claimin u a hustler who u coppin off
or who coppin from u who u knockin off
u dont sell nuthin but records niggah knock it off
yo gurl mopped me off yea i knocked her off
and yall start kissin like right afta i dropped her off
yea da hustla
( he talks on da beat )

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