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Sullivan Lyrics

Album Name : Monsoon
Release Date : 1997-04-22
Song Duration : 4:04

Caroline's Spine Sullivan

Its not hard to reach back to the day
          underneath an Iowa sun
          running to the tower of Waterloo
          looking for the Sullivan train to come
          His five boys would run to the top and salute him as he went
          first he'd wave hello, and then we'd wave goodbye.
          Its not hard to reach back to the days
          after the attack on Pearl
          and overnight my buddies turned into men
          running out of time for games and girls.
          The Sullivan boys were not overlooked
          Uncle Sam called them each by name.
          The very next day they left on a mystery train.
          "...we regret to inform you,
          the Navy has taken your sons away..." all five...
          so put your blue star in the window.
          It's not hard to reach back to here smile
          when she'd receive a letter.
          The letters sounded generally the same it said
          if they couldn't be home at least they were together
          on a mighty fighting battleship,
          somewhere in the south pacific.
          The letters never got much more specific.
          Say goodbye Mrs. Sullivan and don't you cry
          "...we regret to inform you
          that the Navy is keeping your sons away" all five...
          so keep your blue star in the window.
          It's nothard to reach back to the day the war finally came
          Uncle Sam will send you a telegram,
          so he doesn't have to tell you over the phone.
          I heard she cracked up when she found what the war had cost.
          All five of her boys were lost.
          Say goodbye Mrs. Sullivan don't you cry.
          "...we regret to inform you all your sons have passed away."
          All five...
          So change your blue star to gold.

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