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Guess Again Lyrics

Album Name : [Pitch.Black.Effects]
Release Date : 2006-01-10
Song Duration : 4:01

Callenish Circle Guess Again

Seeing no justice in this world
Created a distance intentionally
You left me standing all alone
Now I'm waiting, digested by uncertainties

Can not deny that you amazed me
I'm still dazed and stumbling around
It's nothing to what's coming to you
Couldn't be more wrong thinking you could keep me for a

It was your choice to be so self-contained
Why should I feel sorry for you?
Your silent end is really a deception
I'm just sorry it wasn't me who caused you to fall

Guess again
Held my breath for way too long
Guess again
Now I can't take it anymore
Guess again
I know it's hard to believe that what you see is real

Take another look and... guess again
Held my breath for way too long... guess again
Now I can't take anymore

Take another look and guess again
The long lost past restored

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