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Blind Lyrics

Album Name : [Pitch.Black.Effects]
Release Date : 2006-01-10
Song Duration : 4:52

Callenish Circle Blind

Blindfolded... you're leaving me behind
To keep me from the daylight
Where I would find your intentions
Pertaining to the night

Surrounded by unbreakable walls
Left behind chained in an empty room
Crawling in dark, imprisoned in silence
Climbed the ladder too soon

I'm blind, I crawl
I'm blind and crawling

Every time I start to trust my feelings
The agony of doubt pulls me into distress
Now I remember how I felt
This rope tied around my neck

Didn't stand a chance ever since we met
Just too blind... to see the signs
This is not what I am looking for
No matter what you do...

And again I waited way too long
This was never my intention
Please believe...
And again I numbed your will to live
This was never my intention
Please believe...

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