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Jubilate Lyrics

Album Name : With All My Heart
Release Date : 1990-05-01
Song Duration : 3:13

Babbie Mason Jubilate


Jubilate! Shout for joy! Everybody be glad!
Raise your voice and make a joyful noise!
Jubilate! Shout for joy!

Verse One

The time has come for a celebration. Don't you feel the anticipation. People have gathered from far and near.
There's a reason to sing, for GOD is here.

Repeat Chorus

Verse Two

The sound of worship is like no other. Lift your heart and delight the Father. With psalms and hymns and our spiritual songs. Let the praise go on and on.

Repeat Chorus


Hallelujah! How good and how pleasant!
Hallelujah! Praise the GOD of earth and heaven!

Repeat Chorus(2X)

Shout for joy!

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