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Jesus The One And Only Lyrics

Album Name : Carry On
Release Date : 1988-10-25
Song Duration : 4:09

Babbie Mason Jesus The One And Only

Verse One

Who was born Son of GOD yet son of man. Who laid down HIS life and rose to live again. Who rides the clouds of glory.
Whose kingdom never ends. There is no other name.


JESUS the one and only. Faithful, True and Holy. HES the Son of Righteousness. Worthy of the Glory. JESUS CHRIST, the one and only.

Verse Two

Let every voice in Earth and Heaven all sing praise. And every heart be a holy hiding place. Let every knee bow down and every tongue confess the name. Of Jehovah's only Son, the risen One!

Repeat Chorus

(Solo sing the chorus at the same time as the choir sings the bridge.)

All hail the power of JESUS name. Let angels prostrate fall. Bring forth the royal diadem. And crown HIM LORD of all.

Repeat Chorus

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