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Shine The Light Lyrics

Album Name : Shine the Light (Studio Track) - EP
Release Date : 2009-11-27
Song Duration : 4:03

Babbie Mason Shine The Light

Verse One

In the parking lot of the coffee shop. Just the other day. She smiled and she said, "Well I'm doin' okay". But I felt her pain. I took her hand in mind. Said, "It's gonna work out fine". But as she turned I wondered. Did I just hand her a line. What she needed most was a word of hope. And a prayer or two. A little more time and a timely word. Could have pulled her through. So I think of her And I wonder too is anybody hurting. And sitting right next to you.


Shine the light, share your faith. Show the world that JESUS is the answer. JESUS is the way. Together we can make a difference. Be a beacon in the dark of night. Share your faith. Hold it high. Shine the light.

Verse Two

Anywhere you go, any country road, Or city street. Any lonely life, a hurting heart. Somebody in need. They all ask one thing. Where is love and truth. But if you know JESUS. Then you know what to do.

Repeat Chorus

Let your light so shine. So everybody will see JESUS. Let your light so shine. To glorify your Father in Heaven

Repeat Chorus

Share your faith. Hold it high. Be a beacon in the dark of night. Share your faith. Shine the light

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