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He Is All The Hero I Need Lyrics

Album Name : With All My Heart
Release Date : 1990-05-01
Song Duration : 4:12

Babbie Mason He Is All The Hero I Need

Verse One

Down throughout the ages through the chronicles of time. Man has raised up images in the chambers of his mind. He has worshiped golden idols of jewels and precious stones. But of all their earthly splendor they were just a lifeless form. Divinely GOD had planned it and there was no choice but one. All power and authority was revealed through CHRIST HIS Son. JESUS came as our deliver to raise the fallen soul. HE is reigning now victorious as our Conqueror and LORD!


HE is all the hero I need. JESUS is all the hero I need. HE stands alone unchallenged HE conquerored death for me! And JESUS shall be my king forever for HES all the hero I need!

Verse Two

He wears the scars of battle on HIS head HIS feet and hands! From the war fought to determine who would own the souls of men! Yet HIS touch is ever gentle HE loves with tender care! In HIS faithful arms HE rescues me when I cry for help HE is there!

Repeat Chorus


Many rise to greatness but their end remains the grave! JESUS CHRIST is LORD of all! Let the saints of GOD proclaim!

Repeat Chorus

Yes HES all the hero I need!

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