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The Secret Of Time Lyrics

Album Name : Anthology II
Release Date : 2008-06-16
Song Duration : 7:15

Akphaezya The Secret Of Time

Sleep well priest to eternity
I make your murderer my enemy
And with Kaltaz power on my side
I will relieve the world of the beast I must find

Angels chase the demons to the twilight of time
In another dimention that I made mine (x2)

Angels comewith demons as patience comes with time
Which hid the dimentions of my mind (x2)

Some talked about Khym as a hero
Sent by got through the shadow
Whereas other feared a night killer
Named the Ayzeahpka

Angels give birth to demons
As a legacy of time
You have no solution
But punish your crime

Tyro knew what Khym had done
Also that freeing people
Would make him free his soul

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