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Beyond The Sky Lyrics

Album Name : Anthology II
Release Date : 2008-06-16
Song Duration : 5:19

Akphaezya Beyond The Sky

Because I understand what the word "son" means,
As father, priest, I love you so,
But I can not lie to my feelings
And many are made of sorrow

I have a home, a name, even a fate
But I'm not sure where my place is.
Sometimes I remember no home, no name, no fate
I only feel a heart full of empty spaces.

How can I fly if my roots are only lies ?
You tell me that rooted men
Are those who never fly beyond the sky

Beyond the sky, Beyond the lies

Because I understand what the word "son" means,
There is a mother I dream of now.
And I ignore what I can feel
When I touch her shadow

What mean my dreams ?
Flying away out of the world

My dreams flew away

Who am I ?
Tell me the truth !
Stop the lie !
Where shall I go with all the things
That you want me to know ?
You say nothing (x2)
Leave me alone
I am not you son !

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