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Chrysalis Lyrics

Album Name : Anthology II
Release Date : 2008-06-16
Song Duration : 6:08

Akphaezya Chrysalis

I put my faith in your arms,
This secret must not be betrayed !
I know I can Believe in you
So I am placing this child in yout trust
He is the apple of my eye
I know that you will devote
Your undivided attention to this uncommon child
He is a tresure,
He could...
He will become a man thanks to your help !

What an atypical present !
Thanks for your trust
I hope I will be up to this mission
Let me know what you are expecting from me.
I will do the best I can
To bring up this rosebud,
It will be dawned in a few years.
I will honour my commitments
As a man who have to obey the divine law

Quite a few years will be passed
When I decide to come back and check
That he is ready to pass the test and join me

In a whirlwind, the god Tyro disappeared
Leaving me facing the baby

Oh, God, what will I do ?
God, what is happening to me ?
I can not bring up this baby,
I am lacking in courage.
I could not succeed
In such a mission
I am just realising
What I am expected to prove

It must not be betrayed

Fragile as a crystal diamond
Chrysalis you will become a butterfly

Come on priest,
Take courage in both hands !

Baby, I will teach you the rules you need to know how to survive in our realm. I will offer you the way to become someone good, sensitive and reasoning, and not a simple puppet. I trust in you !

(a sweet wind opened the window)

Chrysalis will become a butterfly
Rosebud will be dawning soon !
Whatever happens,
I will keep you in my arms
Wherever you are coming from
You will be my son.
Take my lifeo matter what I will become
Because you are my child now !
Whenever you leave me
You will stay alone
Whoever you become
You will stay my son !

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