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No Tomorrow Lyrics

Album Name : Count Your Blessings
Release Date : 2005-06-14
Song Duration : 3:48

Agents Of Man No Tomorrow

Trapped within psychotic images, engulfed in catastrophe & apathy.
A world that's soon to expire.
How much more time is left until we die, Counting the minutes and questioning why...
There is no... Such thing as... Tomorrow.
Can you give everything you can't afford to give
Then why does it feel like there is no reason to live
There's no one here for me, left here all alone to bleed.
So give me one good reason why I should believe.
Broken dreams sadistic reality, Exorting your sovereignty for perversions, Set the world ablaze.
Choking on your last breath, Dying inside, Helpless & Desperate, your whole lifetime.

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