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Without A Trace Lyrics

Album Name : Count Your Blessings
Release Date : 2005-06-14
Song Duration : 3:51

Agents Of Man Without A Trace

Maybe I'm just too stoned or is it everyone else.
Is everybody else f..cked up around me.
Maybe I'll try and see the light if not I won't care. I know it's only there just to try to blind me.
It's a fight til you die, they'll keep beating you down to the ground.
If they don't beat you well within an inch of your life, be lucky you're still alive.
If the end of the world came today.
I'd be resting in a better place.
With no past that I'd have to erase. Disappear without a trace.
Do what I do first & then go running your mouth. That is something you can only imagine.
Cause you don't know me don't know what I'm about. Or what it means to live with undying passion.
I've been down, I've been out. I have risen from beneath the ashes.
& In this life I refuse to be a slave.
And set myself up for failure.

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