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Blood Money Lyrics

Album Name : Count Your Blessings
Release Date : 2005-06-14
Song Duration : 3:56

Agents Of Man Blood Money

Watch your profits begin to rocket as you exploit everything you see.
Because to you, the only solution is using kids to do your dirty deeds.
Blood for money but you get more, Preordained to take control.
You take it all, as we take the fall.
So why does it even surprise you at all, A change in the season affecting us all.
To question the reason - Expect that you'll fall, expect that you'll fall.
For the fortune, the fame and the glamor, sign your name on the dotted line.
Unsuspecting it's all just a scam, they feed their pockets as they feed you lies.
Blood for money but you'll take it all, Preordained to take contol.
You take it all, as we take the fall.
'Cause you're selling your soul to feed them - Don't feel sorry for me, don't feel sorry for me.

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