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Pick It Up Lyrics

Album Name : Will Skank For Food
Release Date : 2005-11-02
Song Duration : 3:45

Agency Pick It Up

I walk alone through the desert around meI cannot rest
until I know what's inside me
Perchance to sleep but this chance is still not to dream
Each day I fight and I struggle through my life
I cannot do this and I still can't do that right
Somehow I know that I can't do this all alone
I keep on throwing in my two cents
My lack of confidence keeps me right here standing where
I stand
I choke on change again but the door it was open

And you came walking on in
And this time I'll do this the right way
This time I don't think it's inside me I know
So now think of where it all might lead
It seems you are my key to feeling things inside of me
I never want to go to sleep
When I'm with you I feel I'm walking in dream
So as we stand here take my hand
And try to understand
That I can't expect to do anything better than the best I
can do
And swear to always be true

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