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Burnout Lyrics

Album Name : Will Skank For Food
Release Date : 2005-11-02
Song Duration : 2:44

Agency Burnout

I give you choices and you still can't decideI hear these
voices in the back of my mind
Let's let your soul sister try to explain
No one else is going to get what's going on in your brain
The demon thrives and takes control in good time
I hurt myself to make sure I'm alive
My frustration keeps me, it keeps me in line
Spread gasoline
Let's start feeding the fire

Look in my eyes and see the funeral pyre
I'm not your fool sister, I won't explain
Now you're in checkmate
Now it's too late you're knocked out of the game
I watch this structure burning, systems churning
Get down, I can't believe this
I'm burning you out
I'm not here, I'm not there
I'm not sure that I even care
I gave you a scare

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