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Here In The Den Lyrics

Album Name : Will Skank For Food
Release Date : 2005-11-02
Song Duration : 3:09

Agency Here In The Den

Oh the seasons they changeAnd the girls they take them
all away
And the boys that remain are just like flowers in the
I see no reason to not let boys be boys be girls
But you say it once now kick him in the face again
Her idea of free is not one that her parents can concieve
The life she leads is not okay with her family
She wants a girlfriend
She can't pretend to want a man
But you say it twice
She pays the price again and again
So punch 'em in the eyes again!

Punch 'em in the eyes cause these kids will never pretend
They're not safe out here in the den
So say it again
'Til you're covered head to toe in your blood stain
These kids are gay
Stop calling them a dyke or a fag
We won't play your game
And we think it's time to act your age
But you say it twice
Now kick him in the face
His face can't take much more of this
All right, all right
Tonight's the night we win the fight with words and minds
Out of the den and into the night

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