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Dazed Lyrics

2nd String Dazed

Surfs up, time to go
I'm heading out to shore
But I don't know when
My head rests in the sand
The waves are calling but I don't hear them
My mind is somewhere else but I don't know where
My thoughts have been dismissed

I don't know when
And I don't know where
But one thing I know is I'll get there
Maybe not today
Maybe not next year
But for right now I am here

The tide is down and so am I
I am drowning now but not for long
My breath is running out
The wind has blown, the sun is gone
I am tired now but I'm not asleep
My eyes are open wide


A wave hits me and I almost drown
But then you came along and picked me up
Off of the ground

Chorus X4

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