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27th Letter Lyrics

2nd String 27th Letter

So I'll wait for something better
Because it isn't you
You're gone now, here's your sweater
Still hanging on the hook

Now it seems like I am better
Because I'm not with you
But the truth is, nothing's better
I'm still depressed

And I'll wait for you, to tell me
Everything will be okay (repeat)

This won't be a lonely night
I promise we won't fight
This won't be a 27th letter
I'll make sure we'll be fine

Now I'm hanging by a moment
Wonder what that song was
We used to sing it, before we broke up
But now it rests in peace

Here's your picture in the frame
The one of you and me
Should I save it? Yes I'll save it
Because you're special




Chorus (x2)

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