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Charles Bronson Lyrics

»  4 Alarm Counter Fuck
»  4 Hour Personality
»  Annual Martyr To Your Social Life
»  Ants In The Kool-aid
»  Batting A Thousand And Still Striking Out
»  Bible Thumpers Go To Hell
»  Can't Take This
»  Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into A Band
»  Cheese With Your Whine
»  Chicago
»  Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind
»  Craig Ferris Sucks A Mean Cock
»  Crooked Teeth
»  Deaf And Dumb
»  Debate Team Bake Sale
»  Diet Rootbeer
»  Down For The Count
»  Drunk Punks Is Hippies
»  Easy E's Fucking Dead And I Think It's Funny
»  Eavesdrop
»  Ebro's Bitter Onslaught On Jerry Springer's Unsuspecting Ass
»  Fratguy On The Barbi
»  Fuckin' Drunken Uncle
»  History In The Making
»  I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About Morons Like You
»  I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph
»  I Can't Be In A Band With You Because You Like Epitaph (beatdown Remix)
»  I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine
»  I'm Sick Of Feminists
»  Individualized Floor Puncher
»  Irritation
»  J.r.s. Beatdown
»  Just Like All The Rest (neos)
»  Let's Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit
»  Let's Start Another War So I Can Sing About Stopping It
»  Marriage Can Suck It
»  No More
»  No Points For The Losers
»  Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
»  One Life Crew Goes On Slimfast
»  Phil Anselmo's Pain Burns In The Heart Of My Little Brother
»  Playing Lotto
»  Punching A Gift Horse In The Mouth
»  Rich Crusties Shall Pay
»  Ricki Lake
»  Second Hand Choke
»  Security Blanket
»  Sick Of O.j.
»  Silenced
»  Tabloid Suckass
»  The Great Pet Rock Comeback
»  The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together
»  The Shane Song
»  Theme Song
»  They Should Legalize Drugs So You Can Hurry Up And Fucking Die
»  Tony Victory Knows How To Party
»  What The Fuck Are You Gonna Do When It's Cool To Be Yourself
»  Why Do You Bother
»  You Get What You Pay For
»  Your Average Generic Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song
»  Youth Attack!


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