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Andy M. Stewart Lyrics

»  A Red, Red Rose
»  A Scottish Soldier (green Hills Of Tyrol)
»  Ae Fond Kiss
»  At It Again
»  Bogie's Bonnie Bell
»  Brid Og Ni Mhaille Brigit O'malley
»  Brighidin Ban Mo Store
»  By The Hush
»  Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes
»  Campbeltown Loch
»  Dinny The Piper Amhran Na Tae (Song Of The Tea)
»  Donegal Rain
»  Dublin Lady
»  Ferry Me Over
»  Fire In The Glen
»  Freedom Is Like Gold
»  Gallant Murray (Gathering Of Athole) The White Rose
»  Green Grow The Rashes, O
»  Haud Your Tongue Dear Sally
»  Heart Of The Home
»  Hey How Johnie Lad
»  Hey, Ca' Thro'
»  I Mourn For The Highlands
»  I'd Cross The Wild Atlantic
»  If I Never Spend A Morning Without You
»  Is There For Honest Poverty (For A' That)
»  It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King
»  Listen To The People
»  Macgregor's Gathering
»  Matt Hyland
»  Monday Morning
»  My Heart It Belongs To She
»  Patrick Sheehan
»  Queen Amangst The Heather
»  Ramblin' Irishman
»  Rantin' Rovin Robin
»  Sweet King Williams Town
»  Tae The Weaver's Gin Ye Go
»  Tak' It, Man Tak' It
»  Take Her In Your Arms
»  The Banks Of Sweet Dundee
»  The Echo Mocks The Corncrake
»  The Errant Apprentice
»  The Gaberlunzieman
»  The Gold Claddagh Ring
»  The Haughs Of Cromdale
»  The Humours Of Whiskey
»  The Irish Stranger
»  The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
»  The Land O' The Leal
»  The Lea-rig
»  The Man In The Moon
»  The Parish Of Dunkeld
»  The Ramblin' Rover
»  They Wounded Old Ireland
»  Tibbie Fowler O' The Glen
»  Where Are You (tonight I Wonder)
»  Young Jimmy In Flanders


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