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There She Go Lyrics

Album Name : Mandatory Business - Block Edition
Release Date : 2008-08-12
Song Duration : 3:35

Yung Ralph There She Go

[Yung Ralph:]
There she go, there she go
Talkin bout another hoe.
All dat he say she say, gotta let it go
Cause you know, like I know
I'm a get it that's fa sho.
It's yung raph from the ave.
You ain't down you can go.
[Mac Bre-Z:]
There he go there he go
Phone textin on the low
Sayin he apoligize bout bitches
Playin on my phone
Cause you know like I know
Bre-Z Mac and that's fa sho
Betta read b/t the lines.
So nigga check ya hoe.

[Verse 1: Yung Ralph]
This is Yung Ralph I got a money grin
Keep a lot of hoes none less than ten
All dat he say she say tell me this
If it ain't bout the money then do not tell me shit
I'm a hustler a young shiner
Can get a hoe at any time just a reminder
So don't call my phone playin kid games
Askin bout another hoe I don't remember names
Ralph doin this ralph doin that
He be screwin this he be screwin that
I sit back and I roll up another one(kush]
This hoe trippin so I call up another one


[Verse 2: Mac Bre-Z]
Bre-Z in the booth baby boy, what it do
I'm gettin kinda high, my producer real cute
Ralph got da purp finna roll it up
A.I. got da goose bout to pour a cup
So now I'm in my zone til I got a call from a girl named ty
All in my phone tellin me bout a nigga dat I been f..ckin with finna blow my high
Hold up
Lil buddy slow ya roll
Keep my name out ya mouth
These niggas come and go, you really think I give a f..ck about em?
(hahaha]you funny... if you think he gon leave
Because of he say she say... bitch you must not know bout me
I'm the type of bitch that'll take yo man
You the type of chick wanna be my friend
Then try to sit and hate on the niggas that I f..ck with
Cause we [? ]
Here we go once again instigatin and shit...
No tolerance for this... I'm bout to re-load up the clip


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