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Toasty Lyrics

Yotam Perel Toasty

[Verse 1]
Don't scream, talk
You want to leave, walk
I'm just trying to get on your good side

I disagree with God
If you agree, nod
It takes a lot to be so f..cking unclear

[Chorus 1]
Tactfully placed accessories
A thought-out outfit, I can see
And I'm stuck
I can't get up

[Verse 2]
Easily offended, she left
I couldn't help, but laugh
I make fun at everything, including dead babies

Genuine guy, mostly
Wine me up, I get toasty
Can't handle a lot, so please don't abuse that

[Chorus 2]
Cheerful smile, kind eyes
I don't care if it's a disguise
And I'm stuck
I can't get up

I need to move
I need to walk away
Towards something
That I want

That is missing
'Cause of my thing...

Don't leave, stay
'Cause I mean, hey
It hasn't been that bad so far, has it?

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