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Little Albert Lyrics

Yotam Perel Little Albert

[Verse 1]
A bowl of Coco Pops in bed
Living life to the fullest, just a
Trend, and I'm done

Birds are enemies to my nocturnal sense
Yes, it says to me that chirping makes you tense
So, get up
Close the blinds and lay down

Don't even think about it...

[Verse 2]
The bike ride from my place to your place is an avenue of creeps
Of fortune tellers, Helen Kellers, bunch of board-game-playing dweebs

Yet I still cycle with my ears stuffed filled with musical delight
Some somber harmonies, wind in my face ensures that it's alright
You're going forward, stop at the light
Don't over think it, just have a good night (night)

[Verse 3]
Been through conditioning like Little Albert; didn't stand a chance
Baby anxiety induced by Watson in his creepy mask
What did you expect?

Poor Little Albert, barely able to report indecent acts
And this infects the research added to the lack of decent
Facts; conditioned to fear those
Rats, it wouldn't happen today

Well, you're dead anyway...

Pour some for Albert, 'cause of cumbersome miscalculations
Hydrocephalous one side, one high-falutin' exaggerator
Isn't a reason

To make me feel bad about a baby I don't know...

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