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Dirty Fellaz Dirty Deeds Pt.2 Lyrics

Release Date : 2006-07-12
Song Duration : 5:32

Woodie Dirty Fellaz Dirty Deeds Pt.2

[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Woodie]
Who me? Woodie a punk, f..ck that junk, what makes you say that?
Just 'cause I rap don't mean I'm just a rapper I'm out for payback
Laid back in a lark with the top dropped, yeah my click done got the yoc hot
Breakin' em off in ninety-four got enemies chalked up, homeboyz locked up
Sucka walk up with your glock tucked if you feel you're the one to kill me
Wanna get filthy? Enemies feel free puttin' it down for the north I'm guilty
Old-e forties distill me as I spill my seed upon this earth
Tryin' to leave a part of my soul with a son to carry along my name and word
My son murder if you have to but I don't stress that you make it a habit
And wind up too far gone and can't back up forced to live a whole life havoc
Gotta protect my folks, reject all those only out for skrill and f..ckin' hoes
Cause they the ones that'll leave you froze solo in a crowd of angry foes
This life I chose so I can't blame a soul when I die at a young age
Gangbangers body found mangled and shot, puzzle the cops on the front page
In a drunk rage killaz gather up artillery scattered in the cuts
On a mission to kill the opposition leavin' a scene of splattered guts
Don't matter much who's the trigger man your whole sets gonna get a feel of my clan
With no debate retaliate get accused never take the witness stand
Are we vicious men with a vicious plan, heartless murderers that intend
To kill innocent to the guilty? Naw, just dealin' with the world were livin' in
Where dividends make the world spin, creating a violent whirlwind
That's hard to not get sucked up in, face it, gonna be war til' the world ends
So if dangers felt fear for your health, underestimate fill an empty shelf
At a morgue with your dead body and blackbird will finish up what ain't been dealt... now

[Chorus x2]

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