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Fly Away Lyrics

Album Name : Northern Expozure Vol.7
Release Date : 2006-11-14
Song Duration : 5:23

Woodie Fly Away

[Verse: Woodie]
Malicious entities hell sent, try to rip my soul from my flesh
Paralyzed can't move my body, where do God be?
As I lay strugglin' for breath my body motionless eyes open,
Hoping this isn't my chosen death
At the moment I thought my life was over
Whatever was holdin' me suddenly left
Bye bye... why I... didn't die, I can't answer why try
I'm busy fightin' inner demons nightly and daily
Prayin' I die high
Tryin' to keep possession of my sanity,
Don't want to admit life's damaged me,
Got to keep it together for family
Often wonder if God's abandoned me,
Streets got me grippin' heat randomly
Hopin' nobody tests the man in me,
If I feel any I'll-fated plans for me
I will try to peel your canopy
In my wicked mind lies a gifted mind,
Intelligent but inflicted mind,
Saturated with depicted crimes,
Livin' in apocalyptic times
Time to get the f..ck up out of here,
Like county jail after about a year
F..ck the police state it loud and clear
For every citizen they murder without a tear
Maybe I'm slightly psychotic and my mentality goes unshared
So if I'm wrong let me know, hit the rum,
Light the blunt blaze your gun in the air

[Chorus: x2]
Karma's like Medusa she can turn you to stone
Raised in a world where I been cursed since the first day I was born
I "pray! pray! ", I wake up knowin' I might die today
It's "murder day! ", wish I could pack up and just fly away

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